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Legislative Framework


Since 1970, the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents’ top priority is advocating for K-12 public school students in and to be the driving force of education in Louisiana.

Our purpose is to improve administrative leadership and to cooperate and maintain an effective working relationship with other agencies, institutions and associations for the advancement of public education in Louisiana.

Specifically, LASS is concerned with: 

  • The improvement of school administration in Louisiana.
  • The in-service and pre-service training of city and parish school superintendents.
  • The encouragement of state-wide study projects and educational problems in administration.
  • The cooperation with research agencies, foundations, universities, and colleges whose tasks are to teach, provide research, and to assist in the improvement of school administration.

LASS is also concerned with administrative and supervisory policies created at the parish, state, and national levels that are consistent with the promotion of good educational practices within the state of Louisiana.   

LASS serves superintendents in eight regions throughout Louisiana.



The Louisiana Association of School Superintendents (LASS) is committed to improving public education in Louisiana. The primary focus of our Legislative Framework is to provide clear, concise information regarding our position on various laws being considered by our elected state representatives.


2014 Legislative Framework


2015 Legislative Framework


2016 Legislative Framework


2019 Legislative Framework


Position on Interests and Opportunities

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Louisiana Association of School Superintendents
2713 Indian Mound Blvd.
Monroe, Louisiana 71201
Phone: 225-229-6021

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