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LASS represents the dreams, educational expertise, and concerns of local school system leaders to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), the Legislature, and community stakeholders.

AASA enables the advocacy of its membership by sharing timely information that creates meaning out of the complex issues surrounding any education policy. Advocacy is where LASS’ voice on education policy comes to life. Every day, whether it is fighting for funding, a better relationship between state and local government, or for programs that make a difference for children, LASS is standing up for public education in Louisiana.


The Louisiana Association of School Superintendents (LASS) is committed to improving public education in Louisiana. The primary focus of our Legislative Framework is to provide clear, concise information regarding our position on various laws being considered by our elected state representatives.


2014 Legislative Framework


2015 Legislative Framework


2016 Legislative Framework


2019 Legislative Framework


Position on Interests and Opportunities


2020 LASS Priorities for Improving Student Outcomes


2022 Position on State Accountability Proposal

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Louisiana Association of School Superintendents
2713 Indian Mound Blvd.
Monroe, Louisiana 71201
Phone: 225-229-6021

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